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What is Speakaboos?

Speakaboos is an award-winning reading motivation platform for early childhood literacy. The Speakaboos team works tirelessly to provide highly engaging, educational interactive stories that motivate every child to read. Speakaboos features a catalog of over 175 interactive stories with rich illustrations, animated characters and story-driven touch-screen interactions that bring favorite stories to life and keep children engaged through active learning. Designed to motivate students to read anytime, anywhere, Speakaboos can be enjoyed on computers, tablets or mobile devices in the classroom, at home or on the go.

The Speakaboos Method

Speakaboos motivates children of all reading levels, helping them become self-confident, independent readers through its library of high interest stories by leveraging purposeful interactive technology and active learning. Based on the acclaimed research and pedagogy of Dr. Alice Wilder, creator and producer of award-winning and beloved children's programs such as Blue's Clues (NickJr) and Super WHY! (PBS Kids), Speakaboos is anchored in connected learning, comprehension-based storytelling, and formative research.


Engaging Content Built to Capture Student Attention

The Speakaboos educational model is built on research that learning occurs best when a child is engaged. The Speakaboos storybook catalog contains a broad set of high-interest topics and characters that connect children to the stories they love, which results in children reading. On average children who use Speakaboos read over 50 storybooks per month!

Improve Reading Comprehension Through Interactivity

Speakaboos engages your students in reading through a designed approach to storytelling, narration, animation and interactivity that underscores reading comprehension. Every storybook incorporates read-along highlighted text, words pronounced upon click, illustrations and animation that match narration, and interactivity that advances the plot line. The Speakaboos educator-developed and student-tested pedagogy allows students to understand the story and a character's point of view to then apply learnings to their own lives.

Scaffolded Reading Levels Build Student Reading Confidence

Speakaboos stories feature multiple modes based on a child's individual reading level. In Read to Me mode, words are highlighted as the story is narrated and helps students build reading stamina as well as vocabulary. In Read & Play mode, comprehension is further scaffolded as student interactions unlock key elements of the story. Finally, in Read It Myself mode, children develop independent reading skills and reading fluency by processing through stories at their own pace.

Grow Vocabulary Through Context

Speakaboos stories introduce young children to new and familiar vocabulary within the context of a story, placing additional emphasis on the importance of reading comprehension within the storytelling. Specifically, Speakaboos stories feature a mix of commonly known words, less familiar words that are typically discovered through reading, and alternatives to common words that deepen meaning and expression.


Educator-Developed and Student-Tested

Each Speakaboos story is tested with age appropriate students in a classroom setting at multiple points during content development and storybook production for reader engagement and comprehension. Learnings from each student-testing session is used to refine storylines, streamline interface and design, and enhance the overall reading experience. Most importantly, student-testing sessions allow the Speakaboos team to ensure the strong response students will have to storybooks before they are released!

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