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The Speakaboos Method

Speakaboos helps children read, explore and discover books they love based on their interests. Developed by the expert team that brought you Blue's Clues, Super WHY! and, and based on decades of research and testing of Dr. Alice Wilder, Speakaboos mobile education platform cultivates literacy and language learning skills for children from preschool to second grade. Each Speakaboos storybook features rich illustartions, animated characters, story-driven games, and touch-screen interactions that bring favorite stories to life and keeps children engaged while learning. Speakaboos can be enjoyed on computers, tablets or mobile devices at school, home, or on the go.

Dr. Alice Wilder

Dr. Alice Wilder serves as the Chief Content Officer for Speakaboos, a kid-centric, cross-publisher literacy platform. She also serves as the educational advisor responsible for developing the Amazon Orignials curriculum for kids and is helping implement Amazon's unique educational point of view into the development of a new series. Dr. Alice is the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids the "School House Rock" of financial literacy for 7-12 year olds, airing in Asia on Cartoon Network. Her work also includes being the Co-Creator and Head of Research and Education for Super WHY! on PBS Kids, and a Producer and the Director of Research and Development for Nick Jr.'s Blue's Clues. She is also a proud senior fellow at the Fred Rodgers Center for Early Learning and Children's Media. She continues to advise the Kids & Creativity Group in Pittsburgh, bringing kids and their point of view to help support educators, technologists, and makers as Kidsburgh creates a model and movement around the integration of the arts, sciences, and technology to inspire creative leaning and play. Her groundbreaking work in formative research was cited in The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Dr. Alice bases her work in formative research on the philosophy that "the only way to understand what children are capable of doing, what appeals to them, and what they know, is to ask them!"

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