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"We use this site multiple times throughout our day for learning activities as well as music and movement activities. For some students in the class we navigate to the book and start the story for the students. Then these students work on cause and effect by touching the screen for the story to play and then touching the screen for the story to stop. We have been using this website for two years now and it is a key part of our daily instruction."!"
- Ms. Bourne, PK-2nd Grade, TX

"Speakaboos is the perfect reading tool that my students need to enrich their literacy experiences. The Speakaboos digital books provide good reading skills, especially in a phonics reading program, which will improve their spelling and decoding skills. Also, this type of reading will help to expand their vocabulary."
- Mrs. Aquillar, Teacher, Ricardo Lizzarraga Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA

"This website has books to go with each child's interest and it makes reading time more special... It seems that each child has a favorite story that brings a reaction out of them."
- Mr. Cirelli, Reading Specialst, Salt Lake City, UT

"Students get excited when I say we are going to use Speakaboos. They don't tire of hearing the stories repeatedly. They gain skills in fluency when they get to practice reading the stories over and over again."
- Kindergarten Teacher, New York, NY

"Speakaboos allows my students to focus on books geared towards their particular reading capabilities. The books allow my students to gain confidence in their reading. They are able to listen and watch the interactive story come to life, later reading the story on their own, and eventually reading to their parents, creating a bonding time rarely seen in our community."
- Mr. Jones, Teacher, Brentwood Academy, East Palo Alto, CA

"Speakaboos presents beloved tales in such a new and exciting way that even students who are familiar with them will be amazed and engaged. I know that using this program will spark fascinating discussion and exploration in my classroom and help me instill life long reading habits in my beginning readers."
- Mrs. Brown, Kindergarten Teacher, Chicago, IL

"When my students get their computer time Speakaboos is one of their favorite websites. Any time I can get students excited to read I know I have a winner of a website. There are many times my students say 'I don't like to read!' or 'This is boring!' but I have not heard any complaints from my students. Instead, I hear 'Can I go on Speakaboos?' or 'Can I have just 5 more minutes?"

- Mrs. Truluck, 1st Grade Teacher, FL

"My students enjoyed interacting with Speakaboos stories both on laptops and the Smartboard. I was happy to have a more dynamic piece of technnology for our listening center during reading, and to see my students voluntarily practicing reading through the website during free time. This subscription to Speakaboos has increased motivation for learning to read and provided an interesting and engaging format for teaching and practicing reading fluency and comprehension. We love it!"
- Mrs. Taboada, PreK-2nd Grade, PA

"Our teachers are thrilled to be able to use the site to enhance their Daily Five reading instruction. They love that we can use Speakaboos on our classroom computers, on iPads, and on the Chromebook. It really helps us to maximize the amount of students who have access to the stories. As a librarian, it warms my heart to see my students have such a joyful reaction to stories. I really think that this website is helping them build confidence in their reading ability."
- Mrs. Duvall, PK-5th Librarian, MD

"My ultimate goal for Speakaboos is to increase my students' love of reading, with an increase in fluency and comprehension skills as an awesome side effect. Those students with reading difficulties will experience the freedom for the first time of being able to select any book that interests them, regardless of the book level. I also hope this site will help my reluctant readers find what books they can relate to, whether it be by genre or by topic, and ignite a new fire in them for reading. I use this site daily as a reading intervention and reinforcement tool. I am able to use the stories when teaching the whole group, when working with a small group of students, and when working with individual students. It is early in the year, but I expect to see great gains in reading fluency this year because of Speakaboos."."
- Mrs. Laughlin, Special Education, MD

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